Since 1999 hundreds of students are placed in Design Firms, some of the students have their own offices and practicing as an Interior Designer / Perspective Artist / Animator / Valuer.

The academy offers placement free of cost to those students who complete the entire curriculum successfully. The following rules apply to the placement services offered by academy

  • The student must attain the classes regularly
  • The student would be placed only once by academy. Once he/she is placed in an office, he/she cannot refuse the placement and ask the academy to search for another opportunity.
  • Academy is not responsible for work atmosphere or any other matter that is beyond its administrative and managerial limitations of the academy.
  • After the placement is over, the terms of placement is entirely the matter between the student and the organization and academy does not play any role.
  • The student first apply for the placement in academy, after getting the placement he/she should submit a copy of their appointment letter or student’s letter about appointment.